Like our company, our water is purely Canadian.

From far and wide,
we take great pride in protecting our SOURCES.

When you have an invaluable resource, you want to do everything possible to safeguard it. Our water is sustainably sourced from natural springs across Canada.

Ice River Green Bottle super imposed over a splash of water.
A stream with trees that fell across.

We test the
Water time and
time again.

Ice River Green Bottle Co. follows quality control standards and processes. Our quality team is trained to exceed industry standards and they test our water daily. We also conduct regular independent lab tests.

All of our plants maintain internationally recognized quality standards and are certified as Safe Quality Food (required by the Global Food Safety Initiative).


Spring Water

Nature is an incredible filter.

Unlike some bottled waters that are heavily processed, our spring water contains natural calcium and magnesium. That means you get to enjoy your water just as nature intended it. As spring water flows through the earth, it passes through layers of rock that clean and enrich it with minerals.

That’s what gives spring water it’s pure, natural taste.

Three 500ml Bottles of Ice River Green Bottle Water.
4L Bottle of Distilled Water

Distilled Water

We pour our energy into
saving energy.

We distill our water by boiling it at low, energy-saving pressures, collecting the condensed steam, then filtering it to eliminate any particles or impurities. What’s left is pure, pristine H2O that’s good for you and good for the planet.

Demineralized Water

Water purification at its finest.

We process the water through reverse osmosis, which removes dissolved solids (finer than one micron). That’s pretty much all minerals and impurities.

15L Jug of Ice River Demineralized Water
Girl in a yellow sweater, smiling and covering her mouth.

You’ve probably
had our water
without even
knowing it.

Ice River has been producing private label bottled water for large retailers in Canada for over 25 years now. Many major drugstores, grocery stores, merchandise and food chains are proud to put their own brand on a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

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Proudly Canadian, our natural spring water is bottled green for a greater purpose. With a focus on finding more sustainable solutions, Ice River Green Bottle Co. developed eco-friendly packaging to divert green soda bottles from going to landfill. We're the first beverage company in North America to purchase blue box materials to produce our 100% recycled plastic bottles – creating bottles made from bottles!

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