Our story
We’re so passionate about protecting the environment, we built our business around it.

As a family-run Canadian bottled water company, Ice River Sustainable Solutions started from the natural springs on our farm. Now we source our water from our natural springs across the country.

4L Bottle of Ice River Green Bottle Spring Water
Recycled Bales of Plastic

Going Green is
how we grew
as a company.

We were the first to take post-consumer responsibility for our packaging and invest in the infrastructure to begin recycling. We were so successful at recycling, now we buy back other manufacturers’ plastic too.

Ice River Sustainable Solutions is constantly coming up with innovations to find a use for everything that comes in the bales we purchase from the blue box. So much so, that we developed a brand that focuses purely on green bottles.

That’s how Ice
River Green Bottle
Co. was born.

Ice River Green Bottle Co. operates under Ice River Sustainable Solutions – producing green water bottles made from recycled green plastic bottles. A process that diverts over 5 million pounds of plastic away from landfill every year.

Two hands holding green pellets of recycled plastic

Proud to be one of
Canada’s Greenest Employers

2024 - Canada's Greenest Employers - Logo

Ice River Sustainable Solutions has been named as one of Canada’s Greenest employers for 2023 and 2024. This coveted award recognizes companies that have ‘green’ ingrained in their DNA, with a commitment to the environment backed up by exceptional sustainability programs and initiatives.

Awarded by Canada’s Top 100 Employers Project

Sustainability can be even more rewarding.

Our hard work has received some much-appreciated recognition over the years. We’ve won some honourable industry awards for our innovation in the environmental category.

DuPont Innovation in Packaging

Responsible Packaging Category – 2014

Zenith Global Bottled Water Award

Best Packaging Solution – 2017

Walmart Sustainability

Vendor Sustainability – 2011

Loblaw Corporate Sustainability Award

Corporate Social Responsibility Supplier of the Year – 2015

Grocery Headquarters Trailblazer Award

Innovation in the Private Label Category – 2017

Store Brands Magazine Editor’s Pick

Bronze Award In The Best New Ready-to-Drink Beverage Product Category – 2017
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Proudly Canadian, our natural spring water is bottled green for a greater purpose. With a focus on finding more sustainable solutions, Ice River Green Bottle Co. developed eco-friendly packaging to divert green soda bottles from going to landfill. We're the first beverage company in North America to purchase blue box materials to produce our 100% recycled plastic bottles – creating bottles made from bottles!

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